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Paperback version has now the title 'केहरायन' in place of 'अव्यक्त कामल'

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  • ISBN - 978-93-5267-610-1
  • ERA - 2
  • CHAPTERS - 31
  • WORDS - 1,93,000
  • FORMAT - E-Book
Avyakata kaamala
  • आईएसबीएन - 978-93-5267-609-5
  • युग - 2
  • अध्याय - 31
  • शब्द - 1,93,000
  • प्रारूप - ई-बुक

There were the tales of legends sailing in the air of Jaisalmer, legends of the forgotten warriors, rulers, of people; of the forgotten empires; legends of the forgotten beauty until this volume. We have read many epic volumes from the previous ages but here is the epic saga of the age of Kali filled with abstruseness of the desert land.

We are in the eleventh century and India is called ‘The Golden Bird.’ Islām is a newly born religion and is spreading its pinions with rapid velocity. These are the times when Indian rulers are fighting amongst each other. So does the Jaisalmer and Mārwār. But there is another huge nation which is eying upon India. The ruler of that place wants to reign over India. He wants to make Jaisalmer his Centre because Jaisalmer lies on the famous ‘World Silk Trade Route’ and is the connecting link between the Western and Indian trade.

This is the tale of two generations. The tale of magnificent desert land and golden city. The tale of a huge empire and two little Kingdoms. Tale of  bravery, politics, friendship, lust, the tale of war, tale of love & hatred, of faith & deception, tale of importance and futility, of establishment and ruination; and overall, the tale of Salvation.

It is more than a book and even more than a motion picture and is an irresistible read. Welcome to ‘The Involute Dunes’, a timeless description of the timeless people and places.

इस ग्रंथ से पहले, जैसलमेर की हवाओं में विस्मृत योद्धाओं, शासकों, व्यक्तियों के; विस्मृत हो चुके साम्राज्यों के, विस्मृत हो चुकी सुन्दरता के किस्से चलायमान थे। हमने पूर्व युगों के बहुत से ग्रंथ पढ़े हैं परन्तु यहाँ प्रस्तुत है मरु स्थल की दुर्बोधताओं से परिपूर्ण कलि-काल का ये ग्रंथ।

हम ग्यारहवीं शताब्दी में हैं तथा भारत को ‘सोने की चिड़िया’ कहा जाता है। इस्लाम एक नवजात धर्म है और बड़ी तीव्र गति से अपने पँख फ़ैला रहा है। ये वो समय है जब भारतीय शासक परस्पर युद्ध, वैमनस्य में लिप्त हैं। और कुछ ऐसी ही स्थिति जैसलमेर एवं मारवाड़ के मध्य भी है। लेकिन एक और विशाल राष्ट्र है जो भारतवर्ष पर आँखें गड़ाए बैठा है। उस स्थान का राजा भारत पर शासन करने का इच्छुक है। जैसलमेर को वह अपना केन्द्र बनाना चाहता है क्योंकि जैसलमेर सुप्रसिद्ध ‘विश्व रेशम व्यापार मार्ग’ पर स्थित है तथा पश्चिमी व भारतीय व्यापार के मध्य की कड़ी है।

ये कथा है दो पीढ़ियों की। कथा है शानदार मरुभूमि व स्वर्ण नगरी की। कथा है एक विशाल राष्ट्र व दो छोटे राज्यों की। कथा है शूरता, राज्यनीति, मित्रता, लिप्सा की; कथा है प्रेम एवं घृणा की, विश्वास व विश्वासघात की, महत्ता व निरर्थकता की, स्थापना एवं विनाश की; तथा सर्वोपरि, ये कथा है मोक्ष की।

यह एक पुस्तक से, यहाँ तक कि किसी चलचित्र से भी कहीं अधिक है; तथा एक अप्रतिरोध्य पठन है। स्वागत है आपका ‘अव्यक्त कामल’ में; जो कालातीत मनुष्यों एवं कालातीत स्थानों का एक कालातीत विवरण है।

  • It’s so compelling and gripping that it will never let you feel bored at any point.
  • Above all, this will let you explore ‘All That Is’ in a real, scientific way. This is a catalyst which will activate your brain in order to understand the culture, dharma, old sayings and the do’s and don’ts set by the society. This will make you think in a real, correct way, will force you to come out of the distorted truths and explore the creation in an understanding and all-inclusive manner.
  • Because this is an epic desert saga, an unforgettable granth born in this age of Golden Jaisalmer and 11th century are enough to immerse you into such world of dunes containing the beauty of desolation and a story never heard before. A tale which is Timeless; about the people who had conquered the Time; and the places which are beyond description.
  • This will give you an insight of the saying ‘do your karma and let the life occur to you.’ This will convey the things which are lost.
  • You will get to know about the ignorance of us – the humans.
  • While reading this you will feel as if reading some poetry, this storytelling is something from which you can’t escape, this saga will clutch your mind right from the beginning and won’t leave you even after finishing the read.
  • Other than enthralling and enchanting you, this will provide ample amount of food to your brains in order to grow them beyond limits.
  • Purpose of this book is not to serve you anything readymade, nobody should be the slave of written words. The Words in this book are meant to let you overcome the limits made by self or society. To let you break the trap circles created by us/society. Because this is a story of us – the humans.

'कथानक गीत'

व्यक्त नहीं ‘अव्यक्त’ था ये कामल

अपने उजाड़ वक्ष में अनेकों गूढ़ताएँ समेटे

व्यक्त होने की चाह में संतप्त था ये कामल

यहीं भिड़े थे सहस्त्रों योद्धा रण में

उनके अदृश्य अवशेषों का स्थल है ये कामल

यहीं से प्रविष्ट होता था पश्चिमी व्यापार भारत में

इसी कारण अत्यन्त समृद्ध था ये कामल

यहीं रचा गया था वह दारुण षड्यंत्र

जिसकी असंभवता पर स्तब्ध था ये कामल

इसी ने सुरक्षा की थी राज्य के भविष्य की

राजा के निष्कासन का आश्रय था ये कामल

यहीं दूर हुई थी सारी दुविधाएँ

मोक्ष प्राप्ति का भी साधन था ये कामल

पतन से समृद्धि, समृद्धि से पुनः पतन

सब देख चुका है ये निर्विकार कामल

कुछ कालजयी मानवों की गाथाओं को सुनाने

‘अव्यक्त’ से अब ‘व्यक्त’ हुआ है ये कामल॥

avyakta kaamala

Satyendra Dhariwal is an author who lives only for writing. He was born in a remote village of Rajasthan and loves to write on vivid subjects. His way of storytelling is something from which you can't escape. His stories clutch your mind right from the beginning and don't leave you even after finishing the read. Other than enthralling and enchanting the readers, his tales give ample amount of food to their brains in order to grow them beyond limits. Along with writing novels, he also loves to write poetry. His novels are always comprehensive to the 'core of the ocean.'...and what can be told about a person in a short biography. He just wants to remain a writer and serve you till life. But in order to fulfill that you need to buy his books more and more.

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