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Jiten Upadhyay Jiten Upadhyay wrote on April 17, 2019 at 12:58 pm:
[ I've read the Hindi version of this book. Detailed Review is available at:] ========== Short Review: ---------------- In our quest to read (and share our unbiased views) for the regional languages, we were looking for some of the Hindi books to start with. And, recently we came across "Avyakta Kamala" by Satyendra. The book is provided by the author, the review is fully unbiased, as always.The Plot: The book brings in a fresh story, setup in medieval/pre-historic time where the traces lead to the mythology.Once upon a time, the kingdom of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan was being ruled by Mihirdev. He was a brave and genuine ruler, and the citizens loved him. Despite being small kingdom, Jaisalmer was very wealthy because it was positioned on the famous silk route. The tradesmen of many countries needed to pass through it, and many of them have their representatives living there itself. So, there is a Jaisalmer outside of the fort of Jaisalmer, and it was very wealthy. Some of the businessmen living there were richer than the king(s)!But, where there is wealth, there comes danger!From the land of Khurasan, an army of invaders and robbers were approaching Bharatvarsh. No, they didn't want to capture/loot Jaisalmer. Their route was meant for Gurjar land. However, who can predict the circumstances? And, who can say that enemy is always on the next side of the border. Even more dangerous enemies are found within the home itself, right?So, someone offered a large prize to Subuktgin (the son of the leaders of Khurasan army - Jalaluddin), which he accepted without hesitation. And, it put the future of Jaisalmer at the stake. There happens a very deadly battle, and...Well, rest of the story is better to be explored by reading this book.Views and Reviews: The author brings in a fresh story to tell, and the way, the history and mythology is weaved with the day to day life is very interesting.Be it the prince or the princess, the king or the queen, the commandant or the minister, invader or a messenger, each character is given proper importance. The battle scenes and various attack plans will be a treat to read. The most significant part though is the way the human emotions are explored. And yes, the theme of patriotism is there as well.The book is good in terms of linguistic attributes also. Actually, a remarkable number of sentences and paragraphs are written like the lines of a poem, and you will enjoy reading them.Here are some of the nice lines from the book, which will given you better idea about the quality of writing...सीमा से अधिक लालसा इंसान को अँधा कर देती है, किसे डरने चला था वो मुर्ख! --- --- --- काश! एक बार फिर बिजली चमकती और राजा उस धूर्त का चेहरा देख पाता| --- --- --- शौर्य प्रदर्शन की नहीं, आवश्यकता की वास्तु है राजकुमारी, व्यक्ति की महानता इसी में निहित है। --- --- --- … भावनाएं ही तो अविश्वसनीय करवाती है इंसान से|And yes, some people shall be interested in exploring the fort of Jaisalmer by reading this book. In that case, if a single reader is motivated in such a way, the book shall be considered successful in achieving its goal.If the book will be added with more maps and war formation illustration, taken care of some proof-reading errors, could have been much better.Rating: Around 8 to 8.5 out of 10.
Satyendra Dhariwal Satyendra Dhariwal wrote on May 19, 2018 at 3:30 pm:
Hi folks, Please read my books and share your valuable views here. Thanks